The answers to most of these questions can be found in the instructions, on the packaging or elsewhere on this website. We've consolidated some frequent questions for you here:

Q. Where is the serial number located on designs purchased on CDs from dealers?
A. Below the barcode on the envelope flap of full collections or on the hang card of samplers. It begins with DM0.

Q. I bought a sampler CD from a dealer. Where are the instructions?
A. Let the CD autorun or click start/run and type d:\autorun, then click OK. If your CD drive is not "D", substitute the letter of your drive. There is a button on the autorun splash screen to click for viewing the instructions. This information is also on the printed slip enclosed with your CD. It is very important that you read the instructions for stitching our designs in order to get the expected results.

Q. I can't open the instruction file on the CD. I get an error message.
A Did you install Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher?

Q. I have Acrobat Reader 5.0 and I still get an error message.
A. Did you uninstall your previous version of Acrobat Reader before installing 5.0? Open Reader 5.0 and use file/open to open the instruction file from the CD. If this works, you probably need to uninstall a previous Acrobat version.

Q. I installed the designs and don't have as many as are shown on the icon pages in the instructions.
A. All formats do not have all the designs. Each format has the designs that will fit in the hoops of the machines that commonly use that format. Hus, for example, contains only designs for 4-inch hoops. If you have a Designer 1, you should be using shv format, or converting dst to get the large hoop files.

Q. I need art format. Why isn't it listed in the setup program?
A. Art format designs are in a folder on the CD. The designs will be seen by the CD reader of the Bernina 200 or they may be transferred to your hard drive or card of earlier Bernina models. Art format does not install to your hard drive through the setup program.

Q. I have a Designer 1. How do I install the shv files?
A. Full instructions are included on a slip with or behind the CD in a separate pocket. See the second paragraph.

Q. My design didn't stitch all the way to the end.
A. Check to see if your software broke the design into more than one part. If so, stitch the second part right after the first. Some software will do this and in some cases we have included designs in two parts in some formats. Some machines will not stitch designs with stitch counts over a certain amount. Check with your dealer about this if you can't find a second part for the design.


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