Criswell Embroidery & Design designs, design files and graphics are copyright 1996-2010. You are purchasing a license to use the design files, ownership of which remains with Criswell Embroidery & Design. You are permitted to make one backup copy for your personal use only. The design files and instructions may not be rebundled, altered, loaned, resold, or shared in any form. No other permission is implied. Designs are registered by serial number and no support will be given unless your design set is registered with us.
     RESALE OF OPENED PACKAGES OF SOFTWARE OR RESALE OF DESIGNS PURCHASED BY EMAIL IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED and will be considered a copyright violation. Design files are licensed to the original licensee only.
     Every effort is made to ensure design quality. Criswell Embroidery & Design will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using these designs. Your purchase of designs or download of sample designs signifies your agreement to these terms.

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