LARGE HOOPS: Stitching in the larger hoops sometimes requires padding the long sides.  Thanks to Joan Warr for the excellent photos showing her method. Click here to see them.

CONVERSIONS: Please be aware that our designs are tested on most home machine brands and that the files are then optimized for each individual format. Converting one format to another with conversion programs may not produce files that stitch to our standards and will not be the same as files purchased from us in that format. Pes format will, however, work well with Artista, and dst format is best for conversion to shv for the Designer1. Converting freestanding lace designs to another format may produce designs that will not hold together. Changing design size or using parts of designs is also not recommended and may produce undesirable results. Our design license covers stitching designs as digitized only for this reason.

Please follow our instructions for THREAD WEIGHT. All our designs are digitized for specific thread types and sizes. Altering the weight of the thread may cause stitching problems and alter the appearance and size of the design.




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