SOURCES: All our designs, particularly the freestanding lace, call for specific thread weights and types. We suggest trying your local dealer first. They will appreciate your business! If your local dealer doesn't carry the cotton or 60 wt. rayon thread, heavyweight film-type stabilizer such as Badgemaster and Ultra Solvy or other supplies needed for many of our lace designs, you can buy them online from (has 60-wt. rayon (Toledo) (Canada) (Angelina film and fibers, Mylar)
Amazon and JoAnn's have Shimmer Sheetz. for
Fusible Glitter Sheets

We recommend:
Badgemaster (water soluble stabilizer)
Ultra Solvy
(water soluble stabilizer) available at many retail sewing stores
Madeira Classic Rayon (40 wt. rayon)
Madeira Toledo (60 wt rayon)
Aurifil Mako (50 wt) or Mettler (60 wt) cotton (2 ply)
Genziana Cotton Mako (50 wt) (2 ply)
Madeira Tanne (30 wt cotton)

Monrex, Finishing Touch, YLI (metallic)
The above suppliers have some or all of these items.

For Wet and Gone stabilizer (similar to Aqua Magic and recommended only for use with craft foam) and polyester thread:

It is very important that you read the instructions and use the weight and type thread recommended for the designs you purchased. All threads above will not work with all our designs and the stabilizer recommended should be used for best results.

We bought the drop pearls for our ornament covers at a craft store. They are 8x14mm drop pearls with horizontal hole:

Christmas ornaments in the 67mm (2 5/8") size may be purchased online at

We have also purchased our round glass ornaments from local Michael's stores.

Wooden beads for the 3D angel from Mini and Tiny Ornaments may be bought at JoAnn stores or on their website.

Puffy Foam is available in many stores. Miracle Film heat-removable stabilizer may be obtained from (link above) if your local dealer doesn't stock it. Use only where recommended in our instructions.

1/4" buttons from Button Drawer

6mm button bases from Fire Mountain Gems

Hotfix jewels and studs from
Hot Fix Queen
Creative Crystal


3" flameless candles are available at many retail outlets and online. We purchased some of ours at WalMart. One of our testers recommends a set of waterproof outdoor flameless candles from Amazon.


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