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Use the above links to find helpful information about our machine embroidery designs.

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage backing up your design files from all companies. Hard drives can crash, CDs can go bad, operating systems and disk drives become obsolete, companies go out of business. Keeping at least one backup is best.

Payment methods other than Paypal account:
Paypal accepts credit cards. You don't need a Paypal account. Just choose Paypal when you check out and then pay through Paypal with your credit card.
Other ways to pay are:
Send a personal check by mail to Criswell Embroidery, 7700 Rolling Manor, Benton, AR 72019
FlashPay with Netspend or other debit card that uses FlashPay.  Our Flashpay ID is 1698584228
Pay with a debit card at$Criswell
Send an Amazon gift card to

If you plan an alternate method of payment, please choose Personal Check by Mail when you place your order and then pay with the alternate method. We will match your order to your payment

If you're getting a security error
Click on the shopping cart icon and log in. You should then be able to order. If you don't already have an account, please contact us with your information and we will set one up for you. Normally you should be able to add items to the cart without logging in but occasionally there may be a browser or computer that shows an error.

Deleting free designs from the cart
If you choose a coupon code design and then change your mind and want another instead, you may not be able to delete the first one. Just go ahead and add the second one and in the comment area at the bottom put the code for the design you do want and click UPDATE.

Free-with-Order Design not showing on order
The code must be put in exactly as shown--all capitals. And then click UPDATE. If you don't see the free design listed on your order, we won't be able to see it either. :) If, after following the instructions, you can't get it to show, put the code in the comment area and click UPDATE.

Emailed orders:
We email orders during working hours and often into the evening. I am out of the office for a while on Fridays, so there may be some delay during the middle of the day. If you haven't received your email order in 24 hours and you've checked your spam folder, please do let us know right away so we can resend it.