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Machine Embroidery Designs
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sand dollar lace jewelry
Sand Dollar Charms
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Sewing Charms

E634 Sewing Charms

Thread spool, thimble, pincushion and scissors. See them here


watermelon charms

E635 Watermelon Charms

14 designs, four styles in two sizes with loops and three styles in two sizes without loops. These designs do have small jumps to clip between the seeds.

Sizes from .46" x .73" to 1.21" x 1.05"

Delivered by email

Watermelon Coasters



sports balls charms

E541 Sports Balls Charms
Seven designs, two sizes, with and without hanging loops, 28 design files. Large designs approx.1.5", small designs approx. .8".

Delivered by email

Matching bookmarks available here with closeups of each design.



Fall Charms

E252 Fall Charms K-Lace  
Spiders, webs, cherries, bats, pumpkins, apples, leaves, acorns lace jewelry charms

Delivered by email




Winter charms

E253 Winter Charms K-Lace  
Angel, snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, bows, lace jewelry

Delivered by email




Spring charms

E254 Spring Charms K-Lace
Hearts, butterflies, shamrocks, clovers, crosses, dragonfly, egg, lace jewelry charms

Delivered by email




Summer charms

E255 Summer Charms K-Lace
Shells, koi, sun, pineapple, frogs lace jewelry charms

Delivered by email




freestanding lace ladybugs

Ladybugs Bookmarks (2 lengths), Charm and Motif
(4 files) Free with Order of $10 or more
Use Coupon Code LADYBUGS
(in all capitals) and click Apply

One free-with-purchase code per order, please.

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