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Freestanding K-Lace Flowers, Leaves and Small Baskets

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freestanding lace ivy leaf project
Freestanding Lace Ivy LeavesFreestanding Lace Ivy Leaves
Freestanding Lace Ivy Leaves
E543 Ivy Leaves
Five sizes, three styles, a total of 15 files to use for projects or on sticks in bouquets. Vines, wreaths, arrangements are possible using your creativity. See our photo for ideas to get you started. Matching small leaves with chains available here.
Stitch counts from 10202 to 24066
Sizes from 2.23" x 2.05" to 3.90" x 3.93"




Instructions for assembly included.

834 More Baskets of K-Lace
Two round baskets, a ruffled doily and 3D daisies, iris and daffodils. Portions of this set are available below.




831 Baskets of K-Lace
Square baskets with many size variations, 3D lace pansies in three sizes.



835 K-Lace The Rosalie Collection
3D roses and doilies in three shapes.



E310 and S018
E310 Small Baskets from "More Baskets" K-Lace
Two small lace baskets from More Baskets of K-Lace.



E311 and S019
E311 Daisies from "More Baskets" K-Lace
Freestanding lace daisies from More Baskets of K-Lace.



E312 and S033
E312 Pansies K-Lace
3D lace pansies




E313 and S034
E313 Iris K-Lace 
3D iris from More Baskets.




E314 and S038
E314 Roses from "Rosalie" K-Lace
3D roses from our Rosalie collection. These are freestanding on stems but require the
use of organza.




Rose Bookmark
ROSE BOOKMARKS (Two lengths)
Stitch all in the hoop.
FREE with order using Coupon Code ROSE (All capitals)
Use the coupon code when you place your order and click Apply
Rose Charms free download
ROSE CHARMS (Two sizes)

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