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E342 The Trellis Collection
for Big Hoops
Pockets, Edgings and Trims

Scroll down and click on images to view enlargements.

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trellis shirt

shirt detail


Here's an example of uses
for these coordinating designs.
Click each image to enlarge.

Scroll down the page to see
all the variations in this set:
pockets, flaps, motifs and

free buttonhole design Free Sample with Instructions

Free Download

Click on the link and
choose to save the file to
your computer. With some
browsers you  may need to
right-click to save the file.

Try this buttonhole motif
to see the
quality and ease of stitching.
Just follow the included instructions!
free design Free with order

One coupon code freebie
per  order, please.

Use Coupon Code TRELLIS
and click UPDATE
free designs suggestion
Suggestion for using the two
free designs.
fancy pocket
lace pocket
E342 Fancy Pockets

plain pocket
deep plain pocket
E342 Plain Pockets

pocket with flap
deep pocket with flap
E342 Pockets
with Flaps

All the Pockets and
the Flap  $26


Full Set
E342 The Trellis Collection
($76 if purchased



Pockets with and without
Fancy Edge and a set
with a separate flap

These freestanding lace pockets
coordinate with the motifs and
edgings below.

Fancy Pockets:
Sizes: 5.47" x 5.42"
and 5.47" x 6.25"
Stitches: 54677 and 62272

Plain Pockets:
Sizes: 4.69" x 4.85"
and 4.69" x 5.89"
Stitches: 44973 and 51605


If your preferred format is not shown
please see here.



Choose Format and
Set  Desired


Choose Format

Choose Set


lace motifs lace motifs
E342 Motifs
Motifs, some with buttonholes
to match Pockets above and
Edgings below

Sizes: up to 4.58"


lace edgingslace edgingslace edgings
E342 Edgings

Edgings in 3 styles, 2 with separate corners.  Composite files included.

Edging Widths (left to right):

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