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811 SUMI
Oriental-style monograms in two sizes and applique frames

Special Effects
812 Special Effects
3D angel, 3D bouquet, applique and lacy-look designs. No freestanding lace in this set.

Special Effects II
813 Special Effects II
Cat and mouse, lace-look designs on fabric as well as freestanding lace butterfly, edgings. Our first set with K-Lace.

K-Lace for Christmas 
814 K-Lace for Christmas
Angel, ornament cover, cross bookmark and other freestanding lace designs.

 Romantic K-Lace
815 Romantic K-Lace
Motifs with a heart theme. Freestanding lace as well as designs stitched with organza.

816 Lace-Wing K-Lace & More
Freestanding lace edgings and motifs as well as delicate wing needle designs on fabric.

Wing needle designs from this set available as E324


Fun & Fancy 
817 Fun & Fancy K-Lace
Flowers, edgings, motifs, wing needle designs and cutwork. Something for everyone!

Wing needle designs available on
as E325

Elegant Accents 
818 Elegant Accents
Delicate small motifs and brocade-style butterflies.

Timeless K-Lace
819 Timeless K-Lace
Freestanding lace doily, collar, redwork, borders.

820 Holiday K-Lace
Holiday ornaments with organza, an ornament cover and holiday themed cutwork.

Organza ornaments available as

Home > Designs> Collections>  1  2  3  4 

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