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Idea for using
Lace Charms

From E678
Nurse Angels

E676 Nurses' Caps
Earrings, Pendants, Motifs & Bookmarks

E677 Ladybug  Charms, Motifs & Bookmarks

Important instructions included with all designs.

From E653 Pawprint Ornament Covers
Our Ornament Covers

freestanding lace support ribbon angel
Our Angels and Sets with Angels
From E594 Birthstone and Support Angels

pawprint ornament or coaster
E179 Pawprint Coaster
Kae's Critters
(page 3)

Happy Puppy tag or ornament
From E169 Kae's Critters
Kae's Critters
(page 1)

Summer Ornament
Free with Order using SUMMER coupon code
Our Summer

support ribbon bookmark
Our Bookmarks
Free Download
Support Ribbon Bookmark

free coaster
Quilt Blocks
and Edgings

Shown free download

Pocket The Trellis Collection
E342 The
Trellis Collection


E669 Sunflowers
Our Summer Designs

fsl gingerbread house candle wrap
E533 Gingerbread House Candle Corset
Our Koozies and Candle Wraps

fsl turkey motif
E476 K-Lace Turkey
Our Fall Designs

candy cup basket and doily
E542 Basket & Doily
Our Spring Designs

jeweled lace snowflake
E359 with heat-set jewels
Our Icicles, Snowflakes & 3D Ornaments

freestanding lace CD ornaments
Our CD Ornaments
Recycle your old CDs!

apple coaster
From E317 Fall Coasters
Designs on Paper and Craft Foam

wing-needle angel freestanding
Wing Needle
machine embroidery quilted coaster
From E534 Quilted Coasters
Our Accessories

From E665 Bird & Butterfly Ornaments
Our Holiday Designs
Page 1

From E521
Wedding Bells to Personalize
Our Holiday Designs
Page 2

Furbaby Love Charms and Pocket Angel
More Pets & Critters


Free with $10 order using code FURBABY

Balloon Bookmarks Free with Order using code BALLOON
Our Spring Designs

buttonhole flower motif
Our 3D with Organza Designs
Free Download 3D Buttonhole Flower

hanging cords and tassels
Our Tassels & Braid
for matching tassels

 & hanging cords

Veronica freestanding lace
Suggested Combination E441 Veronica Squares
Rebecca and
Veronica Series

Butterfly Bowl and Doily
Birthstone Butterfly Bowl & Doily
Our Bowl & Doily Sets

Designs with Mylar, Organza, Glitter, etc.
Selection from E585 Balloon with Fabric

E601 Necklace Cords
E600 Necklace Cords
Our Lace Jewelry

tiny angels with fringe
Visit this page for a free sample of
Our Designs
with Fringe

Shown E334 Little Angels with Fringe

tatted cross bookmark
Our Lace Bookmarks

Glasses Case
E436 All-in-Hoop Glasses Case
Our Accessories

freestanding lace iris

Flowers &
Small Baskets

Shown E313

 treble clef bookmarks
Music Designs

Shown Music Bookmarks Free with Order using Code MUSIC

As you browse, add items from our website to your
 Amazon Wish List using Amazon Assistant!

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